Concrete Pathway To Infinite Career Opportunities

Concrete Pathway To Infinite Career Opportunities  The implications of existing with COVID-19 and adapting to the ‘new normal’ have been experienced by all of us at multiple levels. The unexpected global pandemic has transformed many aspects of our lives and affected us much more than what is visible on the surface. The reality goes way

A Broader Approach To Infrastructure Development

A broader approach to infrastructure development @ Dholera SIR In a scenario where roads across India are usually planned quite conservatively and tend to be thin rather than wide, the Dholera Special Investment Region is witnessing an unprecedented and noteworthy future-ready approach with the narrowest roads being of minimum 18-metre width, which is indeed an

Connectivity Is The Universal Touchstone

Connectivity Is The Universal Touchstone When you look for a single, unifying decision driver that remains relevant across the real estate spectrum, only one word comes to mind: connectivity. While identifying the right location for a residence, the first question asked before shortlisting a project, is how quickly it provides access to how many shopping,

Rise Above The Ground Realities Of Owning Bungalows

Rise above the ground realities of owning bungalows Everybody dreams of living in a bungalow. Our eyes light up when we see bungalows in movies and television serials. We probably spend more hours browsing through magazines showcasing different bungalow designs than those with new images of favourite celebrities. So should the dream remain just that?

J Joshi Group Signs MoU With Investors Clinic

IC appointed as the Exclusive Selling Agent for Dholera Special Investment Region The J Joshi Group today announced its collaboration with Investors Clinic by strategically appointing it as the Exclusive Selling Agent for bookings in the Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR) project. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), setting out the terms and conditions was signed

Don’t Miss The Bus

Remember running towards the school bus for a window seat during your childhood? Reaching late meant compromising on the view or even standing. The same applies to real estate. Only those who follow the first-mover strategy can enjoy the exponential returns on investment (RoI) afterwards. Waiting too long or hesitating at the crucial juncture can