Concrete Pathway To Infinite Career Opportunities

Concrete Pathway To Infinite Career Opportunities 

The implications of existing with COVID-19 and adapting to the ‘new normal’ have been experienced by all of us at multiple levels. The unexpected global pandemic has transformed many aspects of our lives and affected us much more than what is visible on the surface. The reality goes way beyond just social distancing, hand sanitizing and wearing face masks. Many people have lost their long-standing jobs and occupations. Others have been forced to compromise on designations and pay packages, accepting whatever they get from the limited options available.

While the loss or reduction of income has been quite hard-hitting, the absence of being gainfully employed has proved to be even more impactful, often driving people to depths of depression. There are also instances where freelance work is available but people are not paid after the assignment is completed, with the reason cited being unavailability of revenues. The situation of self-employed professionals is even worse because their clients don’t have access to funding in the present-day scenario.

Those belonging to the unemployed section, yet somehow managing to make ends meet due to multiple earning family members or savings, have a still bigger problem looming ahead. As and when things return to normal and opportunities begin to open up, they will have to attend interviews with no justification for the glaring gap in their CV beyond shrugged shoulders and a common reason being mentioned by most people in their situation: Previous employment abruptly terminated due to Coronavirus, was unable to find alternative opportunities.

However, life doesn’t need to continue on this pessimistic note nor are the prospects as bleak as they appear to be at present. There is an opportunity to not only supplement your existing career with additional income but also chart a new career path and establish yourself in a respectable field, namely investment consulting, specifically in the real estate sector.

While this field requires the 3Ps of planning, patience and persistence, one should not confuse it with a formula that works everywhere with every project and developer. The project needs to be high profile in nature, at the emerging stage and the brand associated with needs to be stable, reputed and well-established.  

For instance, the J Joshi Group, one of the most reputed real estate service providers of Gujarat is offering Investment Solutions in Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Hotel, Logistics, City Center, High Access Corridor plots in India’s First Smart City ‘Dholera SIR.’ Instead of sitting around and cursing fate or the pandemic, perhaps both, one has a chance to implement real estate investment strategies that are concentrated on high-growth locations in proximity to the much-preferred ‘Property Ahmedabad.’

Best of all this doesn’t require any prior knowledge or experience of promoting investment opportunities or real estate. J Joshi Group will guide and hand-hold new entrants during their induction period and help them find simple ways of leveraging their existing networks. By highlighting investment opportunities at the Dholera Smart City Project in the form of Dholera plot schemes to immediate contacts, one can easily get a one-time commission on the entire amount or in monthly instalments if they opt for the EMI payment option. Most importantly, since people are looking to invest in avenues with growth prospects, the revenue flow and therefore, income, is assured.   

Promoting Dholera investment, especially in the DSIR, which is probably the only growth opportunity available in real estate today, presents a fantastic opportunity. One can leverage it to build up the Curriculum Vitae and show a tangible experience in the field of investment consulting, which will help to explore other opportunities and secure employment across the spectrum once the Indian and global economy opens up fully after the pandemic phase.

There is scope to gradually expand this role and bring in new entrants or work with friends or former colleagues as a group, which means additional income each time one of them concludes a transaction. The opportunities are seemingly limitless for one who is willing to display dedication and commitment.  

To be continued. Keep watching for updates to our blog section for the next part of this post

CA Ramesh Gurav