Invitation for an Experiential Site Visit to Dholera SIR

Greetings from the J Joshi Group!

I hope all is well with you, your family members and those of the real estate fraternity across India and the globe. On behalf of the J Joshi Group, one of the most reputed real estate service providers of Gujarat, I present you a rare, one-of-its kind investment proposition at India’s first truly Smart City Project along with an invitation to personally visit and experience the Dholera Special Investment Region (Dholera SIR).

Representing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream and vision for a new India, to have the biggest projects in the world in this nation itself, it takes the accomplishments of landmarks like the Statue of Unity to an entirely different level altogether.

Dholera SIR has witnessed immensely fast paced development in recent times. The essential infrastructure already in place and 85.79% of the total planned work in Dholera SIR is over with the remaining to be completed soon.

In recent times, Dholera SIR has been witnessing a great deal of interest from large business houses. The recently announced news that Reliance will be manufacturing the eagerly anticipated JioPhone Next in Dholera, effectively conferred the seal of approval and positioned the Dholera Smart City Project as the place to focus upon for mega deals and capital appreciation. 

As a well-established brand, focused on understanding investor needs and offering them the best suitable property, our goal is to ensure that anyone contemplating investment avenues gets a proper understanding of the various options available at this location and the existing potential for greater returns on investment as compared to any other proposition.

Only those who invest in real estate at the developing stage get that lower initial price advantage. It is a well-understood fact that once a location or destination is fully developed, the scope for value appreciation becomes minimal at best. Therefore, the time to reap huge returns through investment at Dholera SIR is now quite limited.

Dholera comprises a total area of 920 sq. km. In March 2016 contract awarded to develop its core of 22.54 sq km or 5600 acres like a complete city on priority basis. The funding of Rs.3000 crore has been primarily focused on the development of this activation area and constructing administration building.

Dholera officials have allotted 3 plots measuring 152 acres for industrial, commercial, residential and utility purposes to industry giants such as Tata Chemicals, Torrent Power and HPCL. Private players have been given permission to start their development work inside the Activation Area by the Dholera authority.

Development work inside the Activation Area of approximately 5600 acres is about to be completed. About 1500 acres of developed land at Dholera SIR is available for industrial use while 1400 acres of developed land is available for other uses. 

Linear development along the central spine, the 250-metre road from TP 1 to TP 6 is planned and taken up on top priority. Many of the major infrastructure projects have already commenced operations whereas others are at varying stages.

The ABCD building is now operational; offices of different authorities and bank have started operating from there. Work on the Ahmedabad-Dholera Expressway, Solar Park, Artificial River with development of Riverfront area, Water Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant and Power Plant, has already started with a substantial portion accomplished by now.

The Dholera International Airport and Ahmedabad-Dholera Monorail connectivity are just about to get underway. Once all these projects are complete, land rates here will just shoot up. The ripple effect will be visible across Dholera with impact felt far and wide. Those who continue to delay will rue themselves for having missed out on a truly golden opportunity.

The J Joshi Group is offering unique investment opportunities and solutions through Industrial, Commercial, Hotel, Logistics, City Center and High Access Corridor plots at Dholera SIR. Bungalow plots are also available with a low entry-level investment, flexible payment options.

The Group is developing two residential projects here, which will provide numerous residences and shops, with plans to gradually extend the number of units to over 3,000. Development in the hotel, commercial and other categories will also be taken up going forward.

Dholera SIR is truly a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity and it is also a limited time opportunity. Yes, it will definitely appreciate in value and therefore, it would become beyond reach going forward if one waits too long.

Real estate is an incredibly complex labyrinth to negotiate and it is extremely important to ensure that you take a well-informed decision. At J Joshi Group, we possess the necessary experience and expertise to help you make the best choice as per your requirements.

We would be happy to host you for an experiential visit and will make all the necessary arrangements to ensure that your travel+stay are both, safe and comfortable. Please call or message on 8355921034 or email on and we can take this process forward.  

Look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

Warm regards,

CA Ramesh Gurav