Referral Program
Real Estate Developer In Dholera
Real Estate Developer In Dholera

Referral Program

Join our referral programme and be rewarded for your efforts. We firmly believe that giving back to the community is the best way to say thank you to the clients who support us. Every transaction we complete, as a result of your referral, will result in a reward for you.

How it works ...
  • Contact us with a referral
  • We contact the person you referred
  • We sign the business
  • Property is sold
  • You are rewarded
Your Benefits Include
  • Fast Payment of Referral Fees
    • Within 10 days of closing
  • Competitive Referral Fees
    • 3-5% of Purchase Price
  • Working with Sales Consultants
    • To stay informed during the sales process
  • Regular Updates & Training
    • To stay in the know

Excellent Career Opportunity

We are looking for Channel Partners from all over India. Real Estate Professionals / Dealers, Distributors, Marketing Agencies, Insurance Agents, Mutual Fund & Equity Market Experts, Chartered Accountants, Freelancers, Freshers and those Who Are Looking for Additional Income, Part Time Job, Work From Home are most welcome.

  • Join us as Channel Partner and Earn 5% to 10% as Sales Commission.
  • You will be eligible for regular Sales Training.
  • You will get Regular Updates regarding Dholera SIR.
  • You will be given official Appointment Letter with Sales Kit.
  • Our Sales Professionals will help you on your sales calls.
  • You will be eligible for sales incentive schemes on and above your sales commission.
  • Under our referral program you can refer your friends and family to join us as our Channel Partner and you will be eligible to earn referral incentives on their sales.